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Legal Resources

Nebraska Legislature

The official website for the Nebraska Legislature, where you can review current Nebraska statutes & pending bills.

Nebraska Judicial Branch

The official website for the Nebraska Judicial Branch.  You can access information about Nebraska Courts, as well as self-help forms.

Nebraska Online Court Payments

The official website where you can make credit/debit card payments towards fines/costs for a court case.  You will need the correct case number information (Gage County CR-21-XX or JV-21-XX).


The official website for Nebraska Court public records searches.  [Subscription fees may be required for records searches].

Nebraska Court Date Reminder

Nebraska Courts website where you can register to receive reminders (by text/email) of your upcoming court date(s).  It is free to register, as long as you know your citation number (on the ticket you received).

Multi-Court Calendar

The official website to access Nebraska Court calendars.  You can search by County, Date, and Name.

DMV Privilege Services

The official website for Nebraska DMV.  You can check the status of your driving privileges and/or license.

Nebraska Restoration Of Rights Information

A guide to the effects a Nebraska conviction can have on civil liberties and loss of rights/privileges, as well as an explanation of post-conviction relief to restore these rights

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